February 06, 2007


Cursed paparazzo !

My assignment at the state Capitol today was interrupted by a hoopladamous* media circus. The four co-stars of Wild Hogs stopped in Atlanta today on a tour which combines film promotion with public service, the former being the typical star attraction of such events and the latter taking advantage of the former to get out a message about motorcycle safety. The movie is about four middle-aged guys who take off across the country on their Harleys. I saw the trailer during the Super Bowl and it looked like it might be pretty funny, what with the four-ply strong comedic cast of John Travolta, Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence and William H. Macy.

It was pretty cheesy in so much as they arrived by motorcade and then got on bikes to roll the last 200 yards to the press conference. All but Lawrence, that is, who for whatever reason came up riding shotgun in the schmancy Governor's Office of Highway Safety Viper (or some such souped up vehicle).

With the Capitol locked down I figured I might as well go be in the right place at the right time, which didn't work out so well at first since my camera malfunctioned just as they approached on the bikes. A quick remedy and I was set to get a few head shots from a decent vantage point on the stairs above the stars and the dignitaries. When they egressed from the scene into the building I got close enough to kiss Macy, which of the four I would prefer for such had I (and of course he) been so inclined. I avoided kissing Travolta as I didn't want Pancake #24 all over my face - yeesh, it was gross. With the throng/entourage I scammed my way past the door cop (apparently I had improper credentials and then apparently he did want to deal with it). I sidled up along Tim Allen but was thwarted from getting a decent photo by a member of their security detail.

The stars were supposed to do a photo shoot with legislators out in the rotunda, but security had fucked up crowd control and put the kaibash on it. I realized this and so went about my merry way while slightly-too-awestruck women waited for the actors outside the guv's office. I learned later that they did indeed slip away through one of the many secret passageways from the Capitol.

I rate the experience as a fun aside (with pics for the grandkids) to an otherwise boring day.


Travolta The Pancake Man

Tim the Tool Man and Revolta

Martin "not quite as handsome or talented as Denzel" Lawrence

Bill, you're the greatest. Don't ever change.


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"When they egressed from the scene into the building I got close enough to kiss Macy"

Should've had a Snickers handy!
Oh, like I'm gay, right?
Wow.... talk about a commercial backfiring! I guess it's Milky Way all the way for us straight guys from now on.

Anyway, YOU brought up kissing the guy, not me.... :-)
Yeah, and only fat chicks and fags eat Three Musketeers - all light n' fluffy in the loafers and such.
Cream filled long johns are definitely out from here on....
I heart Travolta and Macy. Macy gets a lot of critical acclaim but IMO his most underappreciated work was as The Shoveler.
He's a darn good shoveler!

His role as Jerry Lundegard in Fargo was awesome, too. He had me sold on that tru-coat - it's the real deal.
Yeah, and only fat chicks and fags eat Three Musketeers


Well shit...
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