February 12, 2007


Welcome to Earth, little boy


Max Coltrane
Arrival: February 11, 2007
at 9:50 a.m. EST

A Love Supreme for he who tops the list of our favorite things

Update: Max arrived about 6 1/2 weeks early, so he is going to have to stay in the neonatal intensive care unit for a couple more weeks minimum. He is improving steadily, being moved off the critical "front line" in less than 24 hours. All his vital signs are normal and he has taken to feeding quite well. At 5 lbs. 3 oz. birthweight he was actually ahead of the curve gestationally, and the preemy doctor says it's just a matter of time to get him up to a condition suitable for taking him home. We can hardly wait, but we know he's in good hands with an excellent and friendly hospital staff.



He's beautiful!!! Call on me if you need anything at all!!!!
Hooray! Congrats to the parents and welcome to Max!!
You were online before we even hung up, weren't you??? :-)

Congradulations, pal. Give Jen a smooch.
He is just the cutest little peanut ever!
Destined to be a babe magnet! Congrats fellow Tim!
So happy for you - he's awesome!
Lock up your daughters.

Dude, big congratulations. I'm a big fan of those little bundles, in case you hadn't noticed.

Oh, Sam asked me to have you relay this to Max:

"Na na na da da ma da na na da da da ma ma ma na."

He said Max would know what he's talking about.
Absolutely gorgeous and absolutely the coolest name, absolutely.
THE NAME! I'm in love with THE NAME!

And he is, of course, adorable also. I'm getting whiffs of that "new baby smell" right through the monitor.
Congratulations to all concerned. Max is the coolest name, because Max put the Wild Things in their place. Here's hoping yours is home before his supper gets cold.

If you don't know what I mean, you will.
Congrats! He's adorable! He's wonderful! Mazeltov and yay!
That is an awesome name, dude. Congrats to you and to Mrs. O'Tim . . .and I hope you have your son home with you soon.
Thanks to you all for the kind wishes.

Jeff - Max responded to Sam's message with a series of exuberant if somewhat unintelligible squeaky sounds. Roughly translated, he said, "Righteous, man, righteous."

SG - Indeed, let the wild rumpus start!

And we have Mr. Bob Parlocha to thank for Max's middle name. As I was headed to the hospital in the wee hours before the delivery, I was enjoying Bob's nocturnal transmission on the local PR station when what should he broadcast but John Coltrane's Three Little Words from the Heavyweight Champions seven-disc box set (Max is registered at Amazon.com, BTW, where there are 64 used & new available from $56.99). We were considering what names would roll with Max - and it is just Max - and when I got to the hospital I laid it on my lady and she fell in with that hep groove. Selah.
Hey, congrats!!! Handsome li'l debble, int'ee?
Oh yeah! GREAT NAME!!
Congrats! I wish you at least eight decades of joy with him. Max Coltrane is indeed a euphonius moniker. I applaud your tasteful boldness. We just stuck with names out of the family tree and though they work just fine, a Coltrane, a Clemente, or a Copland would have added a touch. Anyway .. enjoy!
Congratulations and welcome! Looking forward to the day when you update that he's come home.
Congratulations on your handsome new little lad!!!!

I'm baaaack! So, what's new? What's been--WHOA!

[pointing] Lookit! Lookit! A peep that's more petite than me! He's yours? Congrats!

Ummmm... Master Max isn't part of one of them blog challenge thingies, is he? I mean, like, when I vist their blogs, Miz Paula, Mr. Archer, Mr. Joe, Mr. MacDonald, Mr. Rochester, and all ain't gonna be all, "Lookit! Had a baby! Idea stolen from Mr.O' Tim", right?

Or he ain't your results for some "What Kind of Baby Will You Have?" test thingie, is he?

Hey! Lookit! Master Max is laughin'! He likes my comment!

What? Gas? Really? Oh. Never mind.
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