March 15, 2007


Movie Madness !

There's still time to get over to Boiled Dinner and download the amazing bracket of 64 movies set to duke it out for the Blogger's Greatest American Film 2007 title. You have until this Friday, March 16, at 5 p.m. Eastern (2 p.m. Pacific) to get 'em to the Grand Cellulophile hisself, the Big Kah-slah-skee. For hardcore film buffs/snobs like me, some of the bracket pairings are brutal.

Choose a victor between Midnight Cowboy and The Maltese Falcon? Ouch!

North By Northwest or Psycho (a Hitch divided cannot stand)?

In my many year and a half of blogging I have not experienced anything quite as challenging, fun and creative. WTG Kos !

And you there - do it NOW ! !

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Gawd, I had trouble with both of those,

And Schindler's List vs. Goodfellas?????

And ITAWY that this is like, the best game type thingie in a LONG time!
It's the best blogging thing ever - not just the subject matter, but the way Jeff arranged it to keep our interest going. I didn't have trouble with MC v. MF cuz Jeff (the other Jeff) is nuts about MC and he helped me. I had no idea my hubby had seen so many movies!
Thanks for the love, O'Tim. You & Joe are going to wait until the last possible second to get your picks to me, aren't you? (I'd do the same!)
Ha! I had to print out another copy because of all the scratch-outs on my "working draft."

Okay, I just tilted my geek hand a bit too much, didn't I?
Agree, Jeff has come up with a cracker here and it gets you thinking about your own personal choice, how you think Jeff will think and the stature of the films. Gave me a headache but i ended up just going with gut instinct or i would of needed until Xmas to finish it.
I just hammered mine out based on what I know plus my instinct plus my preferences. There was no sense in trying to totally figure it out, to me...

"what I know plus my instinct plus my preferences"

Looney, that sounds like algebra.

Someone who entered -- can't remember who right now -- said when it came down to a tough choice, she thought, if they were both on TV right now, which one would I watch? I thought, very cool perspective. But then I thought some more and realized, if I'd used that method in picking the movies, the bracket would have looked much different. This is so fun. I love me.
Awww, we love you too, Jeff!

Um, get your hand off my knee.

Now, peeps gotta come over play my Triple-M Movie Quote Speshul!

Jeff said- "I love me"

That explains the hand-cream smell, I reckon.

(Gut instinct)(preference)/knowledge + (desity of osmium) - (Tippi Hedren's age) is my formula. Always worked before.
I might rip-off the idea for music, too. (I saw it in a book before Jeff K posted this's called "The Enlightened Bracketologist: The Final Four of Everything.")

But, yeah, the Hitchcock vs. Hitchcock thing was really tough!
Get thine ass over to Boiled Dinner, check out today's results, and get to analyzing!
Yeah, where's the in-depth whatsit? And if Nat does music, I wanna do something. Dunno what though. Snacks?
Joe - (Gut instinct)(preference), you mean "preference" like what hand you use, right?
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