March 18, 2007


We interrupt...

...all this Movie Madness for a gratuitous baby photo posting from Max

"Hugs, y'all."


What's up, Max?!
He's gonna look great in the shirt I'm sending this week with a whole buncha other stuff for his P & M. Yes, I said THIS week.
Hugs to Max!
yeah, I got a Max package I haven't sent yet too. THIS WEEK.
Cool, thanks guys!

If anyone else wants to get on board, it may be helpful for you to know that Max is registered for Juliard, Johns-Hopkins, and Harvard School of Business scholarship funds. Go ahead - give till it hurts! :)

P.S. - anyone know a good school for Indian Chiefs (just in case)?
SIPI in scenic Rio Rancho, NM.
He's simply beautiful. Of Course!!!
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