April 07, 2007


Bee-ur !

Fairly accurate, I'd say:

You Are Samuel Adams

You're fairly easy to please when it comes to beer - as long as it's not too cheap.

You tend to change favorite beers frequently, and you're the type most likely to take a "beers of the world" tour.

When you get drunk, you're fearless. You lose all your inhibitions.

You're just as likely to party with a group of strangers as you are to wake up in a very foreign place.

What's Your Beer Personality?

And on that note, I am quite excited about Boston Beer Company's decision to once again brew Samuel Adams Honey Porter, one of my favorites that for some still unexplained reason they discontinued a few years back. Bearing witness to their fine decision to reintroduce it is the fact that HP took top honors in Boston Beer's Beer Lover's Choice contest, which means HP is now available in their Samuel Adams Brewmasters Collection, a twelve-pack of six varieties available year-round. I have heard rumor of HP returning to full six-pack production sometime this year, which is great because two of these delights out of twelve just isn't fair.

Don't get me wrong - I love just about every Sam Adams variety, but my Honey Porter deserves her own slot in the fridge case. She's an English-style porter beer - deepest opaque brown with a large roasted malt character and a very smooth, rounded finish. The beer is brewed with traditional English Ale hops such as English Goldings, which give it a spicy flavor. Scottish heather honey is also used in the brew to balance the spice. Honey Porter won a gold medal from the 2003 Australian International Beer Awards and a gold medal at the Monde Selection in 2002.

Honey Porter joins five other Samuel Adams beers in the Brewmasters Collection - Boston Lager, a full-bodied brew containing Noble hops from Bavaria; Boston Ale, a traditional stock ale with citrus aromas and full-bodied flavor; Scotch Ale, a beer brewed with peat-smoked malt, which is used in Scotch to give it the smoky flavor; Samuel Adams Black Lager, a style of traditional beer from Eastern Germany; and Samuel Adams Brown Ale, the 2005 winner of the Beer Lover's Choice contest.

Our lager
Which art in barrels
Hallowed be thy drink
I will be drunk, At home as it is in pubs
Give us this day our foamy head
And forgive us our spillages, As we forgive those who spill against us
And lead us not to incarceration, But deliver us from hangovers
For thine is The beer, The bitter, The lager
Forever and ever

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Well, I'm *still* Guiness, which isn't so bad, but I confess to preferring Newcastle, Smithwick's, or Fat Tire, or sometimes a Heffenweiser...

And we must not forget Red Trolley Ale :-)
I love Newcastle except for the clear bottle thing. I've bought a few rank batches of the stuff, I'm supposing because here in the land of NASCAR/Busch you can't be sure how long the sixers of good stuff have been shelved.
Since I hate beer, I took the quiz and answered as though I were talking about wine, and came out as Guinness. I don't know whether that's good or bad.
I live in Boston, just a few blocks from the Samuel Adams brewery, where they give tours and free beer to tourists.
I hate beer, and my results said as much. Do you have any merlot?
The return of the honey porter is geed news indeed. Love the prayer!
David - To be honest, I did the quiz several different times to see what the options were (categorizing my taste in beer is very important). This hit the nail pretty squarely, although, like a lot of those Blog Things, the results seemed to have a nebulous connection to the answers given.

Rhea - Lucky You (sorry about the tourists, though).

Paula - To lay a film freak on you, "No, if anyone orders Merlot, I'm leaving. I am NOT drinking any fucking Merlot!"

Joe - It's geed as hell. It says I am Samuel Adams, and since I have been a brewer at one time and have had my patriotism questioned, I'll take it.
Heh, I didn't see that movie and I knew what it was from.

And I mostly agree. Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noir for me.
Looney - Definitely put Sideways on your "soon to see" list. As a writer and an appreciater of wine and comedy, you will not regret it.

I love the Pinot Noir, but why is it white? ;)
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