April 10, 2007



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I'd laugh at those Bush-isms if the whole thing wasn't so sickening. I wish a freak tsunami would hit Washington and wash his ass away.
"I talk to families that die."

What a maroon.
Soon I will be the one making these decisions. Muhahahahahahah!!! Oh, the power!! No, I'm not insane. I am going to be on a special Gallup panel. My opinions will finally matter, yay!!!!! Be nice to me now lest I say "eh" when they ask me how I feel about you. Hee hee hee! (Last night I totally dissed the Preznut, you'll be happy to know.)
That was ricockulously hilarious, and yet, as PJ said, I can't bring myself to laugh.
Feh. Dan Quayle was funnier.

Ook ook.

PS: Consider yourself tagged, bitch.
I think we misunderestimated him, don't you?
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Gratifying though it is to hear intelligent Americans (such as yourselves) ripping the piss out of your retard President, I reckon Tony Blair is actually more humiliating... OK, he can talk reasonably articulately - but it's always reasonably articulate horse-shit.
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