April 26, 2007


Help me, Yoshimi

The spambots are back at MTIH in all their blue link glory. I'm curious - is there any danger of leaving these on the blog? If so, I can re-activate the Blogger word verification, pain in the ass that it is. The bots always place their "comments" on some post from several months ago, so it's not really that annoying. Besides, they're sometimes entertaining. Maybe I should create a cybertwin to deal with them.

A recent sample:

Where did you find it? Interesting read. (<-- love the personal message touch)

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Erectile dysfunction vegetarian diet

tits ass cunt spank enema

Crinkle silk lounge dress

Who is carmella big naturals

University of new mexico college of pharmacy

Isuzu workshop manual

Download something to block all pop ups

Nfhs baseball rule 8-1-1c

Asian pottery

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Dd lesbo

hotel offers

brake discs peugeot

Without a perscription adipex


ice cream maker machines

Toyotomi kerosene heater

retirement plan rollover to ira

Talk about your nonsequiters (which I heard you can get on eBay, BTW).


UNM College of Pharmacy! LOL!
Wordpress filters all that stuff (well, most of it) and imports easily from Blogger.
Joe - that's more funny than the third one down?
The fact that it was in there with these others is what was funny.
The tit ass cunt spank enema people seem to have done their market research. They left out Lilo&Stitch, but other than that they have my interests to a T.
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