April 30, 2007


Liquid gold

A conservative pundit's column on Sunday was decrying the Democrats' glee over Bush and Iraq's falling approval ratings. I think that long ago "rising disapproval ratings" became the more accurate nomenclature, but what's a little spin among friends in the choir at the First Church of Theohypocrisy? Anyway, the pundit (read gasbag) says, "The economy is in good shape, and despite all the predictions of disaster ahead, President Bush is certainly entitled to the lion's share of the credit."

I'm no expert (though I play one frequently among the unsuspecting), but it seems to me that a bad place to be politically on the economy is to have a bunch of numbers ostensibly saying that it's raining but the bulk of the public feeling like the government is pissing in its ear. Another pundit continued the conservative's three-card monty game by saying that with inflation adjustments, gas prices aren't higher compared to this year and that year. He didn't go into detail on how middle class wages have stagnated or the cost of living is out of whack with this year and that year.

Specifically, higher gas prices are chipping away ferociously on the income of the working poor and middle class. I can say they're definitely harsh on me and the S.O., as we drive a combined 122 miles round trip per day for work. Add to that insurance premiums of all stripes going up, and a 1980s-level reimbursement from my company for on-the-job mileage ("just deduct the remainder on your taxes" the higher-ups say, which I'll be sure to do once my salary gets me to the level where itemizing outshines the standard deduction). It adds up and we're jacked up, with a big bummer in being stuck at home a lot now because it's too expensive to drive to the mountains or other places we like to go.

That said, I'm relieved to know that we are doing our part in fighting the good fight for Middle East stability, and hence the reliability of our fossil fuelture.

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I am SO glad to be off the road and in an office these days. I used to fill up twice/week, now it's more like twice/month.

As far as mid-east stability goes, I'm sure you've seen this:

The whole of your link didn't survive, Joe.
Real estate is crashing in California, which is bad for everybody eventually. If my guys don't make a kazillion dollars this year, I won't get a bonus, which means a shoe store will go out of biz. I can't see why anyone's saying the economy is good. People are going without medicine because they're in the "donut hole," etc.
I think Bush deserves all the credit for your national debt, the increase in terror, the decline of US credibility and the 650,000 dead in Iraq. None of these would of been possible without him.
"as we drive a combined 122 miles round trip per day for work."

OMG, I'm never complaining about my commute again! :(

"I'm relieved to know that we are doing our part in fighting the good fight for Middle East stability"

Ouch! Comedy doesn't get any blacker than this, my friend! :-/
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