April 24, 2007



Here are a few shots of the various winged visitors hanging about the feeder at the in-law's on the mountain recently.

Finch No. 1

Finch No. 2

A female cardinal - her mate was about but I didn't get any good shots of him.

A tufted titmouse

A male Downey woodpecker

A pileated woodpecker! He was a sight!

Pileated No. 2 - I had to move very carefully to get these shots.

Pileated No. 3 - A good perspective of how big this dude is.

Pileated No. 4

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Wow, brilliant pictures mate.... that woodpecker looks a real character :)
Disgusting. I'm so envious of your pileated shots that I could throw up. Those suckers are hard to capture because they are so shy. I've already told you, but these are great shots. Jerk.

Heh. He said "titmouse."
OMG, I hate you! Why can't I ever get great shots like these? I keep trying to get these cool-looking fat spiders that hang out at our place, but they come out blurry and awful.
Good golly, you took these??!! Faboo. Which are your gonna frame and hang on the wall!
It was a stroke of luck that the pileated came along. I had shot the other birds (okay, PHOTOGRAPHED them) sometime before and then spotted him flitting about in the trees just as we were getting ready to leave. He obviously loves that soot (in the basket), so that helped. And yes, they are very skittish, so a 300 mm lens was nice, too.
I get all of these birds at my house, but not as early as you do down there!
Holy bats, Birdman! Those are some excellent pix.
Fantastic shots! I'm lucky if I see a swallow 'round here. When we lived in FL, however, there was an eagle who liked to perch in one of our tall pines. I miss that.
We do get wild turkeys in the yard, though. Ugly things, they are.
Those are great shots! I'm envious of the pileated woody, too. We've got downy and red-headed and red-bellied, but no pileated.
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