May 28, 2007


Memorial Day

I had to work today, which pissed me off, and then I felt guilty about such a shallow take on Memorial Day. I was reminded this morning about how grateful I should be for those who gave their lives (or are otherwise gone) in defense of our wonderful nation. And regarding our current situation in Iraq, we should open our minds to what the other side thinks, be it pro-war or not, in order that the pain of loss be more easily reconciled. It was suggested that we devote a small bit of our time today to find out about a deceased American soldier and reflect on their sacrifice. In a way National Public Radio beat me to the punch, except that the fellow they reported on is still alive. My feelings of being pissed off returned, but this time with the force of indignation toward our leaders who have wasted precious lives on their fool's errand. So today I choose to remember the sacrifice of Peter Mohan and his wife Anna, a couple in their 20s who married just before Peter went to Iraq with the Army. He has been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), and in the report the couple talks about how PTSD almost destroyed their marriage. Perhaps Memorial Day would be better served, at least in part, by remembering those lives that were very different before they went to serve their country.

Listen to The Rest of Their Story at NPR

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Nice post, O'T.
Great tribute. I worry about 10 years down the road when these guys are treated like the Vietnam vets many will end up homeless and drunk or drugged up. I hope that doesn't happen, or we will have learned NOTHING from the whole Vietnam boondoggle.
Indeed, da prez's so-called legacy will take another whack if he doesn't get out of the "war on the cheap" mindset that his pal Rummy perpetrated. After seeing the Walter Reed debacle unfold and Bush's obstinacy on you-name-it, I have my doubts.
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