May 01, 2007


The Monthly Max

Can y'all handle a once-a-month photoblog? Why, sure you can.



'E must take after 'is mum..... 'e 'asn't got shit all over 'im!

Seriously, though, a handsome lad, and I'm more of a cat person, as you know!
Sweet! I like the third pic where everything matches and he's waving to me. That's right, Max, everything SHOULD match!! Yay!
Awwww he's cute. Nice Tigger, too.
Joe - you ain't seen 'iz backside, az ya?

Paula - that's my new fave, prolly gonna go in the wallet.

Jen - Tigger's his fave
From the top -

I look just like my Daddy!

They're even cuter when they're CLEAN!

Now here, I look like Mommy!

Wise beyond my years - oops, months!
Thank God for kids, they make it all worth it...
"Joe - you ain't seen 'iz backside, az ya?"

Well, you haven't posted any photos of it, so no! NOT a request, BTW! :-)

Did I guess anywhere near something useful on the shirt size???
Awwww. We have photos like the third one of our now 22-year-old and we refer to them as "Uncle Fester" pictures. Love the look on Max's face in these..he has a sense of humor already!
So max is a Tigger man, eh? Good thing, because the wonderful thing about Tiggers is Tiggers are wonderful things.

They're bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy fun, fun, fun, fun, FUN!

Why oh why didn’t I keep my Pooh records?

Very handsome boy!
Sorry...Max needs a CAPITAL M!
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Uh oh, the spambots have risen to the top of my blog! Looks like I might have to go back word verification.
Actually, that looks like a real blog.
Ah, si.

In that case, "Ningunas gracias, Juankydanzas. No leo, no escribo ni hablo a español sobre una base regular."
Aren't those translation programs cool?
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