May 29, 2007


Name that Tunesmith

On the heels of cash cows like Walk The Line and Ray, Hollywood is ramping up to cover the 1960s to the 1980s with a feverish release of popular music biopics. To celebrate, try and match the icon with the actor who is slated to portray them. There are a few extra of each thrown in to make things fun. Post your guesses in comments here - answers are stashed in this backdated post. Good luck and NO PEEKING!


Jimi Hendrix
James Brown
Bob Dylan
Janis Joplin
Keith Moon
Miles Davis
Freddie Mercury
Ian Curtis (of Joy Division)
Debbie Harry


Johnny Depp
Sacha Baron Cohen
Wesley Snipes
Cate Blanchett
Lenny Kravitz
Mike Meyers
Zooey Deschanel
Don Cheadle

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Dylan is the only one I know. :) But I sure would love to see Johnny Depp portray James Brown because I would find it highly entertaining.
Zooey Deschanel as Freddie Mercury, absolutely.
Don Cheadle as Miles Davis sounds like a good match.

Cate Blanchett as Janis Joplin?

And Lenny Kravitz is an actor now is he? I would assume he thinks he can play Jimi Hendrix, bearing in mind most of his career has been a piss-poor rip-off of the great man...
Hmmmm ... interesting.

I would wager that Depp is likely going to be Dylan, while Mike Meyers will be Keith Moon, and Cohen will be Freddie.

I can picture Cate as Debbie, but Zooey as either her or Janis? Too big a stretch.

Last, Lenny has to be Jimi, Wesley probably lobbied extra hard for Miles (you know, cause Wesley fancies himself as being so cool and all), while Don might give James Brown an interesting spin.

Ook ook

PS: MY verification word is: aswahpys, which I read as "asswipes."
Mercury by Cohen
Dylan by Depp
Joplin by Blanchett

They should do the Mamas & the Papas too! Let's see, Kate Hudson as Michelle ...
Freddy M. has to be Sacha Baron Cohen.

JJ I guess Zooey D.

Which leaves Debbie Harry for Cate Blanchett but that doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

I'll guess Depp for Dylan.

No clue on the rest. Maybe Lenny K wants to play Jimi.
tams - the Dylan choice should be interesting, though if I was on the guessing end of this I prolly woiuld've gone with Depp.

DR - despite her considerable vocal talents, I don't consider ZD to be the man for the Mercury job. REALLY good guess, though ;)

cheezy - you pegged Don Cheadle. Everything the man touches is gold, so I am looking forward to his portrayal of Miles. I'd have guessed Cate for Janis as well, but alas, no. Ease up on Lenny, now (though I'm glad he's not going to be Jimi).

fez - you nailed the Meyers-Moon and the Cohen-Freddie. Both seem like pretty logical picks.

miz uv - I agree on the need for an M&P biopic. I nominate Robt. Downey, Jr. for John Phillips.

teacake pegs the Janis role!
Jimi Hendrix - Lenny Kravitz (a guess)
James Brown
Bob Dylan - Cate Blanchett (for real!)
Janis Joplin - Zooey Deschanel
Keith Moon - Mike Meyers
Miles Davis
Freddie Mercury - Sacha Baron Cohen (that’s been shot down, it Depp?)
Ian Curtis (of Joy Division) – I don’t know the actor, but there is no need for the parenthesis!
Debbie Harry

Johnny Depp
Wesley Snipes
Don Cheadle

What about Elijah Wood slated to play IGGY POP! Yikes!
I am going to play Val Kilmer in the movie about him playing Jim Morrison.
LOL at jeff.

I'm just going to cheat and check out the answers...brain...too...fried.
Borat as Debbie Harry. What do I win?
A *High Five*!

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