May 24, 2007


Not Penny's Boat

So I heard ABC's blockbuster series Lost, one of the shows to which I am hopelessly addicted, signed on for another three seasons. I was grieved at the prospect at first, but after last night's season finale I think they've laid out some good highway and will get good mileage out of the new story twists, especially the flash forward with Jack the oxycodone addict back from the island (and trying to convince Kate, who appears to have moved on, that they must go back). Good stuff.

If my count is correct, barring the red shirts* who got blown up on the beach, we lost the two chicks in the Looking Glass station, the parachute chick (name?), Tom the bearded one of the Others and sadly, Charlie. He was one of my favorites (speaking of which - hooray for Hurley!). Oh, and Mikhail, though my theory at this point is that he is unkillable (and I nailed the call in the climactic scene in the Looking Glass).

I had figured on the return of Michael and Walt at some point. Michael remains to be seen, but Walt (or his apparition) showed up, so I was half right.

So, thoughts from any of you other Losties out there?

And all you people with your HBO and your Sopranos - pffft! (just kidding - I'll probably buy all the DVDs next Christmas).

*obscure reference to expendible Star Trek extras.


Haven't seen it. I've become a Sopranos freak and am going to buy the entire thing to watch from the beginning. LOL
Yeah, I've seen a few episodes on HBO and then started to watch on A&E, but figured that was pretty fuckin' worthless (get it?).
I skipped this post because we DVR'd it last night and haven't watched.

Do you think it'll last another three seasons? I, too, am addicted, but they pissed me off at times during this season with all the new character introductions and the subplots of subplots of subplots. They need to just clean it up and get it tight again, because the characters are pure gold.
Kos - I forgot about you DVR folks (a severe envy I have of you). Sorry, should've put up a spoiler warning.

Anyway, David Spade had a funny rank on the three season deal - "When told they had a job for three more years, the Lost writers said, [wrinkles face] 'Really?'"

ITA on the subplots thing and have likewise been frustrated. They have so many flashbacks going for so many characters that you lose track of what's going on, not to mention the seeming lack of purpose to begin with. But after last night I'm confident that ***SPOILER SPOILER*** the they will start using the flash forwards to start helping clean things up, as you say.
We're watching tonight! Also Heroes, on which we're two episodes behind.
Okay, watched last night. Thought it was a great episode, and definitely peaked my interest for next season. I hated that they killed off Charlie, one of the most interesting characters on the show. Yet, I thought they did a good job of it. Here's my biggest question: in Jack's flash forward, he comments, "Go upstairs and see how drunk my dad is..." Huh? Any theories on that? I also thought Kate looked like shit in the flash-forward! Too much makeup. Maybe she became a high-priced call-girl? And whose visitation do you think Jack went to? Any theories there? You know, even with my frustrations, I still think it's the best damn show on network TV. The characters are so engaging. Now we wait...
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