June 08, 2007


Friday Five

I love the end of the week (because you know I've been blogging my little fingers off). Here's a few to help you review:
  • The profusely-titled Bradley S. Rocket at Sadly, No deconstructs some silly think-tanking by the American Enterprise Institute.
As always, be sure to delve into the comments. I got nothin', though I'm pondering the general meme tag of the latter. Until then GO READ SOMEONE ELSE'S BLOG ! !


Nostalgia for Bob Seger? I've been kind of glad that he went away.
Read the sentence again, Joe. Nostalgia IS Bob Seger.
Well, then, I'll refrain from being nostalgic until it becomes someone else.

I read some of the think tank article (didn't have time for the whole thing) and it was good. I'll be going back there again.
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