June 17, 2007


Happy Father's Day!

Today was a good day. My sister is down for a visit, and I began a week's vacation. We went to the Sunday market downtown, which is always reliably filled with fresh produce, crafts (more earrings than you can shake a stick at), music and people in that Sunday la-dee-da mode. We bought some yummy artisan bread - one loaf of asiago cheese and another of tomato basil. We made roast beef sandwiches with the latter when we got home. We bought the boy a couple of cute tie-dye onesies, and the lady who made them is hoping we will come back next week so he can model one for her. We called on some friends for grilling supper and a splash in the pool - so satisfying in this rainless summer heat!

Here is a photo of my Father's Day gift from Jen. It is chock-full of fabulous tales of history and MacGuyver-style information to "Recapture Sunday afternoons and long summer days."

I'm ready to get started.

"If anyone knows anything about anything, it's a father," said Pooh. "What a lot of things to know."


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Cute! We had a good day too. Jeff has his new grill and made burgers, etc. My dad got his Assault on Reason. They had a big argument about the draft or some shit. I ate coffee ice cream. :)
A week's vacation? You just had TWO weeks LAST year! How are we supposed to maintain our economic advantage if you're going to act like you're FRENCH all of a sudden?????

Oh well, enjoy...... :-)
Screw all of you. I spent the day laboring like one of the Pharoah's slaves, first washing the old man's car, then juggling two grills (one for slow cooking some ribs, the other hellfire-hot for the burgers and steaks) for a feast that would have even embarrassed Caligula.

My only satisfaction is knowing that those lazy sods who remained in the shade sipping their mojitos will suffer from blocked colon's today.

Revenge is sweet.

Ook ook
Happy First Father's Day to you, O'Tim! I love The Dangerous Book for Boys. Fun stuff. We spent the day chasing Sam around the Denver Zoo.
Paula - Sounds like something I'd want in on. Glad y'all had a good one.

Joe - I'd like to see the U.S. get out of its two-weeks-vacation-a-year mindset. I mean, if we can't get the CEO big bucks, at least appease us with leisure time! I can do a lot with not a lot.

Fez - We had hot dogs, so fuck you and Caligula, too (woo hoo!). Especially if you get the last laugh from our botulism.

Jeff - We should compare notes on DBB. I like the recipe for making fireproof cloth. Now who would need such a thing?
Well, Richard Pryor and Michael Jackson jump to mind...............
O'Tim: Happy belated Father's Day!
That looks like a wonderful book -- it makes me think, for some reason, of the Arthur Conan Doyle "Professor Challenger" tales (e.g. "The Lost World") in which the eager yet hapless protagonist is affectionately referred to as "young fellah-me-lad."
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