June 02, 2007


The Monthly Max

Betcha couldn't wait! These are from our recent journey to Chicago.

Mr. Chill

"This is NOT the proper procedure!"

The standard daily query for me and Jen is, "What did we do before this?"


He's adorable! And I love the tie-dyed blankie.
Love the hat!

Now, you better participate this time!
I love babies so much when I don't have to change their poopy diapers! MAx is majorly cute, and I don't have to change his diaper! BINGO!
That is a ridiculously cute child.
Did my comment get eaten? Do I offend? Love the face ;) That's gonna be good to see when he's a teen. The staredown.
Oh heck. Now I'm making weird voice noises at the computer. Those noises are reserved for baby and cute animal pictures. He's so sweet!

And what did you do before this? A couple of years from now, you'll turn to your wife and say, "didn't we used to go, do, think, be......" and you'll both look off pensively for a moment before someone yells "Mom! Dad!"

Moment gone.
Your baby guy rawks. I love his disdainful expression. You betta get used to that.
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