July 27, 2007


Fifty word fiction: License And Registration, Please

He sped the rural Interstate at 20 over and thought, “Don’t let the blue-light special shine his light on me.”

There’ll be no chance of that inside the perimeter, where the morning commute becomes a moving parking lot at about 50 under.

Damn that old prison song.

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Hey O'Tim. Good luck on the Mr. Mom gig, I hope it works out well for you. Been a bit stressed out lately...
I'm hearing Creedence Clearwater Revival in my head.
That's funny. I was hearing Andy Griffith.
That's funny, I was thinking of Dan Akroyd and Albert Brooks ;)

No, CCR really. I think of AG doing GDTRFB (But that's on the QT, K?).

Hi Tim!
I recently saw Andy doing "Midnight Special", or part of it anyway, on the old show! It was one of the episodes with James Best as the local guitar hero.
This is a fab series! And although I picture The Andy Griffith Show, it's Barney Fife I could picture, just waiting by the highway's side for some commuter speeding along at 22 mph.
hello there. i was just browsing blogs today and found yours. i like it!
Thankee, Andromeda!
Ok, I'm really slow. Are these writing exercises?

Anyway, it was funny because I saw myself not too long ago.:)
JJ - and/or "don't feel like blogging much."

When did you get out? ;)
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