July 02, 2007


The Monthly Max

Wow, time flies. We had a great vacation, with a visit from Auntie Julie and train and boat rides. Among our more mundane adventures were the basics of eating soft foods and bathing:

Children who eat caramel may develop a sweet tooth. Good thing this is prunes.

Because it's next to godliness, that's why.

UPDATE - Needed smiley baby photo


Don't believe everything "they" say. My youngest refused to eat from a spoon, and it was bugging me so I offered her a taste of Haagen Dazs. "OMG, then she'll never eat veggies bla bla bla." Wrong! After that, she ate all the baby foods from a spoon, and she actually doesn't have that much of a sweet tooth now at age 14.
Prunes are way sweeter than any caramel. You can use them in baking to completely replace sugar, and nobody even notices except the taste of cakes and stuff is somehow subtly better.

We just didn't give ours any sweet stuff, meaning sugar-added, at all until they were old enough to ask for things like sweets, and then it was, okay, have as much as you like. Now they get sweets from people and they sit around uneaten for months. They like certain things, but just so much and no more.

And still Girl (13) managed to give up Nutella for Lent. She's not remotely religious, either. She just enjoys a challenge.

Tim, we're ignoring you. Max is growing into a pretty muscular looking guy already, like Max Schmelling maybe?
And what do children who eat prunes develop??
Miz UV - damn, you sound like MY mother!

Sour Grapes - The boy comes from hearty Scandinavian stock on both sides, a true Svensk pojke. We think the nickname Bruno and the NFL may be in his future.

Joe - Look it up. In Max's case I'd say he's in no danger.
I just love the face Max is making in the first picture. It's a "I don't want to eat this crap" look he has on his face. hehehe

It was so good to see you last week!!! (or was it the one before?? time is strange for me lol)
Aw, that brings back good memories! Of course, that was when I could catch Baby to give her a bath, now it's a flippin' game of "Catch me if you can!". Just yesterday she figured out that she could hide under the bed. Who needs a gym?
Sam makes this face after the first bite of anything -- it looks like he bit into a lemon. Doesn't matter what it is, he always makes that face. So you're first reaction is, oh, he doesn't like that. But he does like it. He eats everything, much like his Papa. That's just his, "Oh, I just bit into something," face, that's all.

What's that? This post is about Max, not Sam? Why didn't you say so!
I'd make that face,too, if you tried to give me nasty prunes.
Tams - time is strange for all young luvvahs, Miz Smoochyface.

JJ - we are enjoying, if not physically benefitting from the fact that he pretty much stays where we choose to put him.

Kos - I appreciate the not-overly-gleeful daddo à daddo interaction.

David - The face must be appropriately scrunchy, and it is not complete without pronouncing the word "pwoons."
You know, he kind of reminds me of Leo Gorcey in that prune pic. I know you'll take that the right way!
Ha! I think "Aloysius" was on the middle name list for a time (couple seconds anyway).
Thanks for stopping by, o'tim!
And yes, it's nice indeed to meet fellow deadheads around here. Especially the ones that are also fed up with the mess made these last 6+ years.

Your son is fantastic. He looks self-assured, at quite a young age!
lmao! that is exactly the face I'd be making if I were eating prunes!
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