August 18, 2007


A Double Milestone !

Here it is folks, with barely a minute to spare in the day, the moment for which I promised you'd be left wanting -




200th POST
! ! ! !

You may leave your accolades and salutations in comments, thank you.


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~suspicious~ That worked out a little TOO neatly, didn't it? Hmmm. I'll be keeping an eye on you.

Clap clap! Cheer cheer! etc, etc!
Congrats and excellant timing.
Great content for the post, too! ;)

And now you're an ace blogsturbater, too. I'm so proud. ;)

Now, get on over to those sites. people!!!
Ummm ... does this actually count as a post? I mean, this is like the Bush presidency or the city of Oakland: there is no there there.

Just more damned creative accounting on par with Enron if you were to ask me.

Ook ook
Has anyone seen my accolades and salutations? I could have sworn I left them here.
Nice work, newbie.
UV - Heh, I was eyeing it from a few days ago, so you are on the ball!

Cheezy, Lucy, Nat - THANKS!

Fez - Gertrude Stein's opinions notwithstanding, I wouldn't mind this blog creatively bringing in even 1/1000th of Ken Lay's typical annual bonus.

Joe - no tickee...

Jefe - Hah! I was wondering who the first person would be to point out that 200 posts in two years is really a rather pathetic amount of blogging.
Happy 2nd year, and wishing you many more to come.
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