August 15, 2007


It's not the hell

Oh gawd has it been sweltering in the sultry southern states. We've had triple digits the past several days, and no rain in sight. It's neither a good time to be a farmer nor a farm animal. While my tolerance for my native northern cold has become totally wussified, my fortitude against the southern dog days has improved little if at all. I feel like Pvt. Jerome in Biloxi Blues - "Man it's hot. It's like Africa hot. Tarzan couldn't take this kind of hot."

Well here's fun little story for you. About a month ago our central a/c went kaput. We sent for a man to come peruse the situation and he determined that we had a "porous coil," and since the unit was 11 years old, both the inside and outside units needed to be replaced because all new equipment is on a higher efficiency rating. I was inclined to feel like I did when I took my first car in (1973 Chevy Nova Hatchback) for an oil leak and the mechanic said, "Weeell, you might need a whole new car..." without a trace of sarcasm in his drawl. Anyway, we called for a second opinion and upon inspection of the outside unit No. 2 says, "That's a big old hole in the side there." Porous indeed - it looked like it had been attacked with a hatchet. No. 2 confirmed the "whole new car" theory and backed it up with a quote of only $4,850, tax included. I asked him if the hole looked like mechanical failure. "None that I've ever seen," was his reply. So near as I can figure some neighbor punk came around whilst we were away or Mr. No. 1 was trying to upgrade his service call.

Long story shortened: homeowner's insurance say "okey-dokey," and after three weeks of no central air (we borrowed a couple of window units that barely staved off insanity) we're in the cucumber business once more.

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I just had to do some repair on the ol' swamp cooler last weekend , because I was in the same sweltering (albeit DRY) boat! Mine was simpler, though..... a $13.00 pump did the trick.
I am sympathetic to your plight (the both of you), but it is hard to be empathetic when I get the ocean breeze blowing in to help cool the domecile during the summer.

For what it's worth, the town where I work regularly gets triple-digits during May - Sep, though I am almost always in a fully climate controlled office complex.

Ook ook.
Congrats on getting the insurance company to pay for it -- you should probably thank said neighborhood kid for allowing you to get a new unit (heh heh) for the price of your deductible.

We've been in triple digits lately too, but have no central air. It's much drier here, at least, but 100 is hot no matter where you are. At least evenings cool down, so we crank up the attic fan, open the windows and let the outdoors in. During the day, close all the windows and pray.
My uncle used to own an car repair shop. When I was old enough to start worrying about driving, he told me his secret to success. When fixing the first uh-oh, create another one so the customer has to come back. He was warning me of course (and showed me how to do some stuff myself). Could be Mr. No.1 did indeed try to give himself some more business. Gotta keep your eyes peeled with those guys.

As it is, I hate ac, but my condition gets aggravated when it's too hot, so I have to have it on sometimes. Not too cool though, because the cold aggravates my condition too. Sitting in the lake water all the time would be perfect for me.

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When we lived in FL for 9 years, we got spoiled by central air. I grew up in the midwest and in PA with no a/c AT ALL, since my parents, raised in the depression, didn't seem to think it was a necessity.

When we moved back up here, I was all set to settle on a house I liked, but had no a/c. Hubby would not go for that, and he insisted our next place would have central. I'm so glad he got his way. I may be the heat nazi, but I love my house at 76 degrees when it's over 85 outside!

Glad you got your new unit and that the insurance paid for it!
Cheeze wizz 76 is still too hot for me. We now keep it at a cool 73. I think if not for the little boy we would keep it around 70.
Swamp coolers, attic fans - man, you guys are old school! Actually, I'd love an attic fan for those warm spring and fall days when the humidity is low, but come mid-May until late September it's R-22ville down here.

What cracks me up are the folks who turn their a/c down to like 68 in the summer but then crank the heat up to 76 in the winter. Well, as my Depression-era mom always said (though we finally did get central a/c), "Some folks have more dollars than sense for sure."
Hee hee! Cucumber business indeed. You crack me slap up, buddy. :) Marshall prefers it a cool 68 degrees. Brrr!
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