August 18, 2007


A little filler...

In honor of Blogovia's newest word*, we present a little

BLOG/STUR/`BA/TION n. Blogwhoring one's other blogs at one's own blog.


Kids! Parents! Bastards and Deadbeat Dads of all stripes get your butts over to the place Where The VIBE Is ! ! You say you want the deepest live, legal and FREE cuts from the downest dungeon archives? You say you want to know the newest and best CD releases WEEKLY? You say you want semi-regular music trivia fun? You want hip and humorous musical banter among folks who matter?

Well I can't help you with the last part of that last part, but otherwise your dreams are reality NOW at Where The VIBE Is, Jacks & Jills! Waste no more time, hear - GO NOW!


Need something to do on a Saturday night with your date? Look no further than Film Freaks Film Club, ladies and gents. Heck, stop by any old time to see what this exclusive group of learned Filminati are posting and commenting about movies you know, love and/or care deeply about. Recent titillating exchanges include:
What's your favorite line from a John Hughes film?
What are the merits of and detractions of Casablanca?
What are the 20 most perfect movie endings?
Don Hipman's reviews of Apocalypto, The Departed and Rocky Balboa

And much, much more ! Don't hesitate - go see sparks fly at Film Freaks Film Club (right after you spend several minutes at Where The VIBE Is, of course).


Quick blogministration update: To simplify life and provide peace of mind and create better blog time management skills, the "Every Kind of People" portion (aka "Blogroll") of the MTIH sidebar is taking a vacation. We strongly caution any concerned bloggers affected by this against feeling slighted, but would also cut slack to those who felt it only fair to reciprocate. Links to blogs of a chiefly political nature will be moved to the "Possible Po-jama People" portion of the sidebar, and blogs at which I have posting privileges will also be linked. At some future time EKP may be reestablished, but for now this just seems like the thing to do. I beseech your graceful understanding.

*Actually I think I coined CRAPTURE (Copyright 2007 O'Tim Productions, LLC.) more recently at Fabulously Jinxed, but what's a day between blogwhoremongers?

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I much prefer the "dynamic" blogroll, where you share current fave posts rather than have a list of links, some of which may not have updated for eons. But then I would say that, wouldn't I?
Miz UV - to quote Chicago, "You're the meaning in my life, you're the inspiration."

I expect you to know what it means that I'm quoting Chicago lyrics ;)
You want some pizza?
LOL! Well, that's true. Another thing you've inspired me in is to start using Google Reader - a big timesaver! And the cause for another thing that my blog friends who have site trackers should note - if you don't "see" me that does not mean I am not there. Oooooh.
Google Reader is my bestest non-living friend.
Looks like someone now has a little extra blogging time.......
Jefe - The irony is that Google Reader is life.

Joe - "better blog time management skills" could read "wife says I blog too much." So, no.
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