August 02, 2007


The Monthly Max

There was a lot of shutter activity in the past 30 days. Max was really workin' it, baby! Let's start with some of the fashion shots:

Showing some Hungarian pride in solidarity with his cousins Payton & CJ. Obey the Vizslas!

That, my friends, is how you nail a back landing. Thanks for the shirt Uncle Joe!

And now the artsy stuff:

See you in September!

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Whoa, he grew into that shirt fast! Great shots!
Aww, he's so cute. I love the ear. LOL!
Anyone else see W.C. Fields?

Very cute ;)
Love those cheeks, man. Now that Sam is walking (running, falling, stumbling...) he's lost most all his baby fat. Still cute as hell, but he's no longer a chunky little baby, he's a cute little boy.
I love the artsy stuff, especially the hands and face. Beautiful baby.
Aw, he's gorgeous! And so much hair! When Lil'lady was that age she was sadly bald. Her dad made her wear an Ohio State onsie and some lady thought she was a boy. Oh, the memories.

His little toes are amazing. And those cheeks... Oh, my goodness! I miss those days. Almost makes me want another one.

Ok, I'm over it.:)
I love those artsy pix! Especially the nibble-worthy toes.

With a 16, 11, and 8 year old, there isn't much to nibble now.
i admit to baby envy as well.
then i hear my 15 year old yelling at me for something, and snap out of it.

max is definitely something. sweet, sweet pictures.
Lovely pix, mate... a very handsome young lad - modelling some very classy t-shirts!
Oh my word, He is SOOOO your baby. and stinkin' adorable to boot!

Isaiah had one of those stunts shirts last year...and boy did he prove that statement.
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