August 19, 2007


Free and other things that freedom isn't


I was quite moved by this video* that D-Cup posted over at Politits. Viewer discretion is advised for some disturbing images included, but I heartfully recommend checking out her succinct post on what we as a nation may be facing for our children.

The actions of our government are unconscionable. They are a disgrace for a nation that considers itself the bastion of freedom at home and purports to be the defenders of the same abroad.

I hope the tide can be turned, and pledge now to act upon ways in which I can make a difference for my son. I hope it could be done short of revolution, but if not the most likely option for most of us not willing to kill (and preferring not to die) for our beliefs will be to shag ass out of this place.

"Find the cost of freedom
Buried in the ground
Mother Earth will swallow you
Lay your body down"

* And if you are so inclined, embed this at your place and pass the word along. Thanks.

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Good luck with finding a candidate to stop the madness. No government ever gave up powers without a fight. Whoever follows Bush will likely leave the damage just as it is. Some of those pesky freedoms are gone for good.
I am hopeful that whoever comes in next will set about undoing the damage done by this administration. Don't know if they will, as grapes said, i fear some of the freedoms are gone for good, but i really do believe we are at rock bottom so the only way HAS to be up. Doesn't it?
Maybe it's just me, but from where I'm standing it looks like the only candidate with a realistic hold on the situation right now is someone who doesn't stand a shitshow of winning i.e. Good old Dennis Kucinich. I'm not impressed by the most prominent Democrats at all (Clinton, Obama), although I grudgingly admit that they'd probably be preferable to the ascendant GOP names likes Giuliani and Thompson... What a shite situation. Much like our's really :(
To me it just seems that the corporate/political powers that be have the vast majority of the populace beaten into submission. Perhaps I have an eye for what appears to be going on, but much of the time I still feel pretty useless. I fear the status quo is all that most people hope for (and why nebulous concepts like The War On Terror are so easily sold), and it seems change is not forthcoming without major upheaval (the big question being, when?), which most people would simply whine about.

What say some of you Americans?
You don't want to hope too strongly for the rest of the populace to wake up, because the inevitable disappointment could be devastating if you do.
Glad you picked this up and shared it. Thanks for the link, too.
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