September 22, 2007


Das ist sehr gut

I gotta admire those Germans. It is a testament to their efficiency and foresight to start a beer festival called Oktoberfest in the month of September. Beer lovers from around the world will be Prost-ing for the 185th annual festival in Munich through October 7.

Oktoberfest also marks the beginning of my favorite season. The Indigo Girls do make a great case for spring (as does Mel Brooks, in a twisted sorta way), but alas the milder weather, campfires and hearty brew awaiting me in the coming weeks, never too soon on the heals of the oppressive summer, win hands down.

The forecast for autumn colors in the south is bleak, however. With rainfall deficits for the region well into the double digits there may be brief flashes of color but most all the leaves will likely turn to brown quickly just before they fall.

Pictured here is one of the gifts that my Sweet Babou procured for my birthday (Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!). Why yes, there are just two left. Better hurry - I’ll share one on the back porch with the first person who gets here.

Zum Wohl!

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I went to an Oktoberfest Festival a few years back and it was like stepping into the scene in National Lampoons European Vacation where Chevvy Chase does the face slapping scene dressed in Ledierhosen.
All those people dressed in leather slapping each other and drinking, it was like a party at George Michaels house.
we've been enjoying the ipa's around here. there's a great one called racer 5, from bear republic brewing in healdsburg. happy oktoberfest!
This time of year always makes me wish I liked beer.
I went to a real beer fest in Germany once...alas, I was but a youngun then, unable to appreciate the fineness of great beer.

And Tim, that last beer? Can it be called like shotgun for a car ride? :)
I've never tried the local Oktoberfest. I'm sure the burrito stand would kill the mood.
There's a pretty sizable Teutonic population here in LA, but it's neither centralized nor particularly active.

However, there is a place in the Torrance area called Alpine Village which is a sort of mall-cum-cultural hub focused on those with Prussian roots.

Every year they hold a sort of Oktoberfest celebration, complete with Oom-Pah bands, lederhosen, much beer, and schnitzengrubens (though seven is my limit on schnitzengruben).

The really amusing thing is, these can become quite packed during weekends, and old AP isn't that big a place, so it can be a bit dense with revelers. Think the wedding scene from Easy Money.

The nice thing is they tolerate those of us with Southern Euro roots as well. Heck, they even allow Eastern and Western Euros. And Asians (much to the MonkeyWife's relief).

Ook ook
I am so with you on Autumn. Somewhere around August 16th I start getting itchy for what I call "football weather." It's exactly that here in Denver today, and I'm loving it. When the Aspens turn out here, it's really beautiful, but nothing can compare to a color tour of Northern Michigan (the entire Upper Peninsula is National Forest).
Lucy - You have the sound of the voice of experience!

Annie - Yet another reason to visit NorCal. I know Sierra Nevada has become almost "too popular" but it's still one of my first loves among the pale ales.

David - Beer is certainly an acquired taste for most people. I hated it at first but suffered the taste for the "benefits." If I recall correctly you worked as a sommelier, so if you have any penchant for dessert wines perhaps a good honey mead (technically not beer) may tickle your pallet.

Tams - I don't object to the rule for calling shotgun on a beer, but only if it's in cans, whereby you have to actually drink it shotgun style. This time around my thirst has foiled your plans, but this does not preclude an invitation for you to show up on my doorstep with replacement troops.

Joe - Si senor, but in the interest of international relations you should go anyway. Mas cerveza, mein herr!

Fez - Tread lightly among those war-mongering Prussians. I suspect the whole hospitality thing could be a ruse.

Jefe - Football weather indeed! I've never been to the UP in autumn, but have experienced great times skiing and whitewater rafting up in the Nicolet and Ottawa NF.
I like beer. I like Germans. I like German beer. Unfortunately, down here there is only one place that serves it and it's kind of a stuffy restaurant EL RINCON ALEMANO. As a rule, Panamanians aren't too snobby about beer. People like Heineken and like the stuff that comes from the local breweries: Atlas, Balboa, Panama, Soberana are the big 4. They're all about as good as the best of the commercial American brews. No microbrew snobbery at all. They opened a microbrew pub a few months ago -- La Cerveceria -- and it was a total flop. This has given me inspiration for a post. Now if only I can find that brilliant Queers song "HEY YOU MOTHEFUCKER, I ONLY DRINK BUD" to go along with it!
Kelso - are you saying I'm a beer snob? Bless your heart.

It would prolly take some warm Miller (clear bottles, you know - one of Newcastle's pitfalls) from the 1990s to get me to turn down an offered beer. But when I've got the coin, it's gonna be something decent.
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