September 03, 2007


The Monthly Max

We all are much happier these days what with our new central air to cruise us into autumn's hopefully sooner than later mild temperatures (and humidity). Life stays busy for Mr. Mom and The Boy, whether at home or on visits to Atlanta and the former workplace in Rome. And of course there's Mama, who soaks up all she can when she gets home from work and on the weekends (to Dada's general relief). We're a happy bunch because of this little guy, and on that note, it's on to the photo chronicles:

Spoon feeding? Give me something difficult, Dad!

Hey dude, I think this applesauce has fermented a bit...

Spoon? We don't need no stinkin' spoon!

We don't need no applesauce either.

Sitting up has its merits...

...but is generally overrated IMO.

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Wah, the photos aren't loading. I'll come back later. :)
All I can say is Cute, Cute, Cute!!!!
WTF? There is no Max for me. Have I been banned? Are the photos under an anti-UV shield?? HALP!!!
I don't know what's going on cuz they were here (even after your first try, Miz UV) but now they are not.

I had to switch browsers to get the pics to show up. But, nerd that I am, I had a couple of extra browsers to try. Unfortunately, Max isn't showing now in the browser I finally saw him with. Don't know what's up with that.
He wasn't there at work, he's here at home. I have SO seen that #2 look on his old man! :-)
I reposted everything so hopefully that takes care of it. Very strange - all of the code was there and it didn't affect any other photos on the blog.
I see 'em now! Love the sitting up one -- he looks totally like you there.
seriously, Tim, he looks more and more like you every day. =P
Next time we go out to eat, I think I'm bringing him home with me. :D
He's a cutie, that's for sure. And look at those legs! I miss that. *sigh* Ok, I'm over it.

So, what exactly is in that applesauce?
Yes, he is becoming quite the Mini-Tim (fat legs included, though his mama is disappointed that he seems not to have inherited his daddy's big, sexy caboose).

Rachel - We'll take a rain check on that dinner date. Say until Max is about 14?

JJ - The applesauce is a secret family recipe (kind of a cider theme is all I'll say). I think he got into it for that last photo as well.
i love that sleepy look they get in their high chairs...and when they sometimes nod off soundly, right into their food. good times.
"though his mama is disappointed that he seems not to have inherited his daddy's big, sexy caboose)."

Sit him in a pot of mac & cheese. Maybe that will help.

(My word verification is "rdotlf". Or, as Muddly Waters would say "Rollin' Down on the Laughin' Floor")
Dinner date??? Did I read correctly? Dinner date? I'm (we) are trying to work out a dinner date with Rach soon.....maybe you 3 can meet us? I hope so!!!!

I just figured out that if I have a daughter within the next 3 years, then she and Max can get married and live happily ever after since the age range will be right. hehehehe.....

(We'll overlook Mad's saying that twins and triplets run in his family for the time being.....I've finally become accustomed to the idea of giving birth to one child, much less 2 or 3 at once)
O'Tim, food over the side is CLASSIC, and the applesauce must have made a lovely, lovely splat pattern. Max is an ARTISTE!!!
That baby is so cute. Just don't feed him your salsa yet. Chunky poo. Ick.
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