September 18, 2007


Peanut v. Pumpkin

.'s full-page NYT ad: $70,000

Bushco's Iraq War: $500,000,000,000 (monetary cost, that is - half a trillion is just half the story)

Kool-Aid drinkers getting upset over the "attack ad":


Read more at HuffPo & (backed up with more links than you can point an AK at as well as Petraeus' own 1200-word editorial Battling for Iraq in the The Washington Post, 9/26/04)

My sincere apologies to those of you who visit Much That is Hidden for uplifting slices of life, which I realize have become more seldom in my postings of late. It's just that I fear if I don't say anything about this my head will eckspload.
Thank you for your patience and your patronage.

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Yeah, they seem to be getting under Ghouliani's skin as well.
Don't apologise. I love it when you're angry.
anyone paying attention is angrier all the time. wish that weren't the case, but it appears to be the case.
your blog is enjoyable to read, regardless.
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