September 16, 2007


We knew it all along, dude

Archer, interim lordgodking of LawyerWorldLand, has come out of the wonk closet, at least for this and that post on the cost of the Iraq war. Go read them - he has promised not to jeer and throw things.

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You seem to be pushing serious posts today. It so happens today I chose not only to be serious but to go on and on and on about terribly boring things: 19th Century NYC municipal politics, contemporary NYC politics vis-a-vis real estate, Venezuela, Colombia, Venezuela and Colombia, and Jamaican politics of the 1970s.

And then went on and on in response to a FranIam comment about American ignorance and in it I hit the issue of Northern Ireland and the geo-political signifncance of Venezuela and Colombia and some of the unusual ethnic issues that obtain there.

So, as a result I can't get any comments. This shit is putting everybody to sleep. I happen to think it's important for a zillion reasons. Please plow through it if you can. I know it's boring. But you might pick up a pearl or two.

Is it December 2008 yet?
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