October 29, 2007


Happy Hallowe'en ! !

I now stand convinced of what a friend told me about there scarcely being anything cuter than a baby in a pumpkin patch.

Where do you stand?

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Nice shots! Definitely right up there with the cutest stuff ever.
babies and pumpkins...the perfect cuteness combo.
Oh my goodness! He's gotten so big!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Max has Jen's nose, but I still think he looks like you. :)

Cutesy, cutesy...
In the corner like a big stupid, horrible friend doofus that forgets to call her friends about a cutest-baby-ever in the pumpkin patch. :(......

I beg for forgiveness.

He's adorable and I love his boots. :)
Man, that pumpkin is ALMOST as big as he is!

DO you get tired of hearing how adorable Max is? Good. We don't get tired of saying it!
Yeah, pumpkins ARE cute, aren't they?
Where do I stand? I'm not standing; I lost consciousness. Those photos are lethal weapons, dude. Especially the first one.
Those are great, man. I'll be posting some soon too. What's Max gonna be for Halloween?
What a little doll he is!
Happy Halloween to you, to Max, and to all your faithful readers, O'Tim :)

(I'm quite pissed - in the English sense of the word - so I'm in a good mood!)
That baby is something else! And such a smiler!
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