October 19, 2007


Mission Impossible Accomplished STATEMENT

I've dusted off an old post from last year that I've decided to make my Official Mission Statement and Policy. The linky is to the left. Always to the left, baby.


Nice! And I haven't changed my mind about what I said then, which is very cool too. ;)
Same here - I'll STILL make fun of O'Tim given half a chance!

Ummmm..... what brought this back up? Did you wander astray of someone's "rules"? :-)
Miz UV - indeed!

Joe - I've been meaning to do this for some time and it just slipped my mind until I happened to come across this post again while searching for something else.
Ah, you can't beat a good set of rules! :D
You know, Cheez, I mulled over adding one more item to David's list, but in the end

6.) Deal

just rang with a hollow machismo that might characterize one who is not so secure in their ability to outvive their enquiring readers. Plus it would invalidate the disclaimer.
i love #6! the list is good, very good. isn't it sad that there needs to BE one? some just know how to behave without one, but i fear that their numbers are much less than the ones that can't just...deal.
Annie - in the case that O'Tim is referring to, it's the blogger that needs lessons in adult behavior, not the readers. The "rules" were enacted to give him justification to do things that bloggers don't normally do, like change comments and post e-mails without permission. O'Tim's just lampoooning (and doing it well).
har. well, that went well. sarcasm doesn't typically get by me, but then again, i have been known to miss some fairly obvious things. call it early onset old-age?
although... i started reading your blog (and others)a few months ago as a direct result of how much i appreciated your handling of that blogger. it made my day!
sometimes i'm a bit slow on the uptake, nonetheless.
Maj. Troll and Pvt. Annie: Your service to the cause is commendable and worthy of accolade. Carry on.

Gen. O'
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