November 09, 2007


10 Random Things

Mathman has tag-ed me.

1.0 Random Things About Me:

0.1 - I am fascinated by the "celebrities die in threes" thing.

0.2 - I restrung my guitar but broke the #6 E, so I salvaged the very dull old one and it sounded funny with the crispy new ones. All is well now except for having a pack of five strings.

0.3 - I dreamed about strangling W last night.

0.4 - Max giggled a lot today and it made me very happy.

0.5 - I wonder about what to do with all my cassette tapes.

0.6 - I don't worry about financial security but sometimes I feel that I should.

0.7 - I can't remember the last time I rode my mountain bike, or where I rode. That bums me out.

0.8 - I saw an old friend today and we're going to go mountain biking on Sunday. That makes me happy.

0.9 - I hate that W is a mountain biker.

1.0 - I am addicted to cheese

Normally I'm not a tag-er but I'm in the mood to find out things about: Cheezy , JennyJinx , Joe the Troll and my Bunches

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Yes, what am I going to do with all those cassettes?
I dreamed about suffocating W with a block of Velveeta.
Cheese, huh? Interesting.

Anyway, I'm working on it. I'm not all that interesting, you know. But I'll try. :)
Here ya go. Enjoy! :)
I dreamt I had a new job and painted my office blue, and then my current bosses came in and told me they didn't like it. Sheesh!
Mathman - Let's do a prisoner exchange!

Fairlane - Gummint surplus, I hope.

JJ - Even if you're not interesting (which you are) you're hilarious. Thanks for indulging me and hope you are feeling better.

Miz UV - I take your dream to mean you are grossly unappreciated.
I, too, am addicted to Cheese. And all my cassettes sit in my basement in a box. Can't bring myself to throw them out. Never listen to them.
I third the cheese thing. But I would say that, I guess.

I sold about 100 of my remaining cassettes before I emigrated to England. I flogged the lot to a shop which - remarkably I think - still bought them. At a guess, I reckon I got the price of a hamburger and fries for them all. Heartbreaking.

As for W, are you sure the mountain biking thing isn't just a photo op?
"Max giggled a lot today and it made me very happy."

He dreamed about strangling W also, I would guess!

Mine's up.
Do you suppose that when Rosie O'Donnell dies, it'll count for three celebrities?
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