November 29, 2007


The final cut - perhaps


Proof that I smile!

Jen says I would look better having short hair with the new beardification. If I go that route I'm thinking even shorter than in this pic from late April, about the last time I got a cut. But I dunno.



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I'm with Jen. The bottom pic has you looking like some mysterious and deadly KGB bastard; whereas the top one sees you resembling someone who might have played bass guitar for Faith No More back in 1991. Nothing wrong with that per se, they were a great band, but if it was me, I'd go for the 'KGB bastard' look.
Beards without moustaches are for hobbits. The only man I ever saw who could carry it off was holding a fishing rod and trying to catch something in a neighbour's garden pond, day after day and year after year.

I trust I'm making myself clear. Shave it all off and start again, or stay shaved. Wouldn't that be nice?
Who is the guy in the first picture?
No beard, no 'stache, short hair, dark, dark eyes, call yourself Antonio . . . what were we talking about again?
"Beards without moustaches are for hobbits."

Don't forget Quakers.

You know that I have no advice to give where haircuts are concerned.
It has to be long hair to go with the facial hair, the bottom photograph makes you look all smart, neat and professional which is not a bad thing if that is what you were aiming for.
Not so good if you want to keep a bit of a cool kid streak.
Cheezy - Crap if you didn't reveal my secretive past life. As to whether I was a bass player or a mysterious and deadly KGB bastard, I'll never tell!

Grapes - You forgot the funny hat. Gotta have the funny hat. Plus, I'm really only 4-foot-3.

Rachel - It looks like MET Scobrus again.

Miz UV - All I have to do is adjust my weight loss proportional to my facial hair reduction, and I'm dead sexy!

Joe (and Grapes) - Don't forget the Amish, satyrs, Great Emancipators and Thoreau.

Lucy - What about bald?
Regardless of facial hair, I just like the way you're looking at your son.

My son is all grown up, but I still look at him that way.
Beards without mustaches..also for Amish! (I know, I grew up in Lancaster County PA.) I like the hair in the photo on the right, and I like the beard better there, too. But I really don't count, do I!?

And PJ's right.
The great thing about hair is that it always grows back. Yes, I realize that's not true for all men, but it is for you and me, and right now we're who're important. I change my facial hair on a weekly basis. I tend to keep the hair on top of my head short and messy, just 'cause it's easier. The bummer is that I now have to worry about what style my nose and ear hair should be.
PJ - As I recall, this look portrays a combination of sadness for my crying boy and exhaustion from same, so yeah, I can see how you relate ;)

nat - you may not always count, but you always matter :)

Jefe - Hey, buddy! Didn't see you standing there a minute ago. Don't get me started on ear hair. Has a Brazilian invented anything for that yet?
Holy moly! The window expanded. There is a god.

I like your look with your little guy. But in the top pic you look like that guy from Red Hot Chili Peppers, so that works too.

Also, consider dying it white. Then we could all call you "Colonel". :)
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