November 05, 2007


A good HOOT was had by all

We couldn’t have asked for more at this past weekend’s Back Porch Hootenanny at Cherokee Farms. We had great weather, great music and great people. I can’t express my gratitude enough to T-Dawg (peace and blessings be upon his name) for doing what it took to get at least one rockin’ event up there this year.

The musical highlights were many – Delta Moon was as solid as ever, Ralph Roddenbery’s energy indicates that he must be getting younger with time, and the quasi-Vaudevillian Newgrass that is Snake Oil Medicine Show kept things bouncing ‘round the room until the wees. I was most impressed by Aussie bluesman Geoff Achison, who is gracing the south with his presence for a couple of years. He is a very energetic and innovative guitarist, and I would not be surprised to see more fame come his way.

The humongous bonfire was essential after the sun went down and the clear skies above vacuumed out the day’s warmth. There were lots of smiles, good cheer, drums, guitars, and more good cheer going around even after the official gigs ended. Our host did finally make an appearance. By the time I saw Smokey he was - how shall I say? – well-oiled, and not far from being escorted to bed by his equally lubricated lady friend. The thing about Smokey is that he was probably up at 6:00 chopping wood. It was great to see the usual suspects and the new happy faces alike. Fellow Georgia blog friends D-Cup and her hubby Mathman made an hour’s trek north to join the fun for a while. I look forward to another gathering where they can spend the night and get the "full effect."

We’ve made plans for some more camping this winter out at the Farms, but the music, as far as paid talent goes anyway, will have to wait until spring (right, T-Dawg?).

Some impressions:

The view before

Evurbuddy's buddies at the HOOT!

Using his powers of geometry and chemistry, Mathman saves Propane Matt from the evil charcoal

Beware of fire-breathing blue beavers

It's the most foul, cruel and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on!

The view during

A talented Aussie bluesman

Artistic endeavors during the Medicine Show

The Ponds share some Snaky Oily love


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How fun!

Now get back to yer writing. :)
We had a great time! Next time? We camp!

Thanks for the invitation!
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