November 17, 2007


How about "Fatigue Outrage" instead?

I am grateful to Aiko Annie for turning me on to SF Gate columnist Mark Morford, and like her I now can't help but link to his masterful progressive commentary.

There's been a lot of outrage fatigue going around in the progressive neighborhoods of Blogovia through which I commute, and in my own household the calmer, smarter half has expressed concern over my anger at all things Bush. To some degree she is justified, and so it was with great relief that I came across this paragraph about outrage that Morford wrote in the above-linked column:

"It is, for me, all about modulation. It is about remembering that outrage does not necessarily equal misery. Outrage does not mean you must wallow in fear and fatalism and yank out your hair and wake up every morning hating the world and hating yourself and hating humanity for being so stupid/numb/blind and wondering how the hell you can escape it all."

Maybe I wasn't as wigged out as all that, but I was definitely considering the next exit toward despair. It's going to take so long to fix this shit, but Morford has inspired me to chill and thereby take stock of my reality to determine a reasoned course for contributing to the restoration with healthy outrage.

Here's how it's done (Keith Olbermann, October 18, 2006 and worth all 8 mins):


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now you're talkin', sir. morford and olbermann and their ilk will get us through the next year... hang in there. thanks for noticing!
Superb stuff. I was familiar with Morford but not Olbermann until I saw this. He states it plainly and well.
I'm one of those suffering from outrage fatigue. You know what I do to combat it?

I watch America's Next Top Model with The Eldest Spawn.
Annie - We will survive!

Cheezy - that's odd, because KO's "Countdown" is on for an hour five nights a week on MSNBC (couple years now I'd say), and I'd bet all of his Special Comments are on YouTube. I'd say he is the current cat's meow among liberals if just for his exposure, but of course he is very intelligent and blissfully forthright.

D - I had you in mind. Good thing is when you've smoked your pack on politics your blog is still funny as hell with all the other stuff.
Great rant. I imagine that O'Reilly would sound a lot like this if facts were allowed in the studio.
I'd agree with that Joe if those facts would be smacking the acidic condescension and hypocrisy out the studio door on their way in. But then they'd have Olbermann doing their show, and me don't think he like Fox very much.
Olbermann's piece is pissing off my Republihusband. Thankyou!!! (He hates to hear the truth.)
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