November 14, 2007


The Monthly Max

To allow for proper recovery from baby-in-a-pumpkin-patch photos, we've bumped the Monthly Max back several days. After this we'll feature the world's cutest Buddha Boy on or about the eleventh of each month to mark his monthly birthiversary.

"Mad Dog" Max

New skill of the month: pulling up and standing!

Just doing a little sinus therapy

Checking out the foliage over on Backbone Ridge


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I love that sinus-therapy pic! Is he saying "Miz UV" yet??
What a cutie. No wonder you're a proud dad!

My favorite is the silhouette shot where he's checking out the scenery.
He is still so adorable! I love the last shot and the first and the one in between.
I wish I could look so cute with little baby fat rolls, too!

Love the last shot!
I love the last one ... very beautiful and mysterious.
I like the last one as well, even if the background got washed out by my little snapshot digital camera. I took the same shot with my good film camera so hopefully the fall colors will have a bit more pop to them in that photo.
I love giggling with that baby! He cracked me up when last we saw you.
guess what, Tim?!
I'm pregnant with baby #2!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving :)
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