November 15, 2007


So long, old friend


Since we acquired a more suitable car for baby transport and need neither three vehicles nor three insurance payments, I'm letting go of my beloved pickup after more than five years and 80,000 miles. It's been a great tool for the obvious things that a pickup is good for, and in some ways a source of bemusement for local 4WD fans who spied the Dirt Rag and purple dancing bear stickers affixed to it.

I've driven this truck to Chicago in January (a trip where the snowy weather was in Kentucky, go figure) and to the mountains of Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee nearly as many weekends as not. It's been four-wheeling through snowy Michigan cornfields and tire-deep mud on Lookout Mountain.

I will miss it, but I will see it around as I sold it to a fellow just a few doors down the road. Part of the transaction includes his expert masonry skills to help me build a retaining wall behind a patio I installed this summer. I do love the barter, and I take comfort in knowing an honest working man will have a reliable new friend.

I hope to have another truck someday, but for now I'll have to suffer looking slightly more distinguished, and possibly Republican, in my four door Buick. I can usually assuage my middle-aged inferiority complex by cranking the subwoofer, opening the sunroof and hammering down on the supercharged engine that mocks most big boy trucks. I'm still up in the air as to whether putting a "Kucinich 2008" sticker on it will have the desired effect - one that does not involve vandalism.

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You should put one of those Darwin fishies on yer car. And a rainbow!
You should get a bumper sticker with on it! :)

I sympathise about your pain though. I've had a couple of cars that have really brought a lump to my throat when watching them disappear out of sight being driven by another... And funnily enough, it's waving goodbye to the the cheap old 'bangers' that have usually cut me up.
A Buick? Really?

Ook ook
Miz UV - It's Tinky Winky all the way!

Cheezy - My first car was of course a banger, but I loved working on it. That was in the days when a layman could make heads and/or tails of what was under a bonnet. Americans are probably the biggest autophiles on the planet, and while I don't go so far as to have a subscription to Car & Driver, I do love to drive.

Fez - Really. It's imported from the OC, too. You see, my brother gave it to us, and Free Car = Good Car.
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