December 15, 2007


Hang in there, Bill

Dear Bill,

Happy Birthday, dude! Wow, 216 years since you were RAD-ified! Where has the time gone, bro? It seems like just last week you were rising up as the law of the land and laying down the promises of free speech, peaceable assembly, exercise (or not) of religion, petition (airing of?) grievances to the gummint and at least nine other great things that citizens of these United States have been able to depend on across the centuries.

But lately some foks [sic] who claim to be your pals have been giving you a hard time. Doesn't seem fair to be pressing so hard on a person of your vintage, but press they have. And speaking of press, the big dogs among them have hardly been exercising that right to freedom you put up for them way back. And the kids? Man, poor little Article VI has had its hide tanned but good by these thugs. It's gotta be painful for someone of your age and wisdom to see Six and lifelong pal Habeas torn asunder.

But hang in there buddy, help is on the way. In fact, Sunday night Dec. 16 at 8 p.m. New York time is a big pow-wow with you as the guest star! Congressman Dennis Kucinich's presidential campaign is sponsoring the first of three gatherings of experts and scholars for a forum to shed new light on the U.S. Constitution and its relevance to current political issues such as the war in Iraq, threatened aggression against Iran, and the Patriot Act. It's going to be simulcast online at This first program will focus primarily on you, Bill. World-renowned author Gore Vidal will kick-off the evening with a five-minute video message. Congressman Kucinich will then join a panel including John Kaminski, Chair of Maine Lawyers for Democracy, who will present a sort of "This Is Your Life, Bill O'R," and I'm confident you'll have plenty to reminisce about those heady days of Reconstruction with your stalwart pal XIV and his faithful sidekick the Due Process Clause. Who knows? Perhaps Chief Justice Warren will pop by to entertain the younguns with tales of how Miranda v. Arizona squeaked by 5-4. Ray McGovern, retired CIA officer and commentator on intelligence-related issues since the late 1990's, and Steve Cobble, co-founder of will also be on the panel.

Isn't that GREAT, Bill? I sure hope all the football fans and Desperate Housewives can forego their Extreme Makeovers to give a listen. They might just be moved to slide a contribution to the congressman's campaign, the only one out there with the impeachment of the two highest office-holders in the land on its platform.

On this auspicious day, Best Wishes for many more!

Love, O' Tim

P.S. - You won't remember this, but look at this awesome photo I dug up at the Archives of Lil' Billy and the Fathers in the Nursery!

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Hey, why is it called the Bill of RIGHTS when only those commie tree-hugging LEFTIES care about it? More Democrat propaganda, if'n yew aks me.
people will miss 'ol bill, if they let him disappear. go dennis.
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