December 16, 2007


Impeachment: let's get exponential

Among many excellent topics of discussion in this evening's Constitutional Forum (see previous post), Congressman Dennis Kucinich related a most interesting story. He said a former member of the House Judiciary Committee during the Nixon/Watergate crisis told him that NOT ONE member of the Democrat-controlled committee was willing to proceed with impeachment hearings against President Nixon.

"What started the fire, then?" Kucinich asked.

"The people," was the reply.

Need a light?

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Part of my says "why bother" they'll be gone in a year, but when I think of what these two have done I don't care if they were out of here next week. Impeach them, then throw them to the sharks after cutting them numerous times!
Impeach just to put it in the history books, that's what I say. Do it before 2008 and we won't have to wait for *gag* Hillary to be our first female prez.

Not that Pelosi is really any better, but... :)
Try them as war criminals as well.
Looks like we have a full-blown "Waterboardgate", after reading today's article on pg. 1 of the NY Times.
But wait. Um does that mean we have to gather fire wood and kindling and crumple newspaper? I hate the feel of newspaper.

And there's something I was gonna watch on tv and I'm afraid of what the neighbors will think, my boss is a Republican and won't like it if I protest......

(were it not so!)
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