December 13, 2007


The Monthly Max

November-December happenings: Max can crawl as fast as a bug, he can stand/cruise along anything strong enough to lean on (that doesn't preclude him trying things that aren't), he can hoard Cheerios in his cheeks with the best of chipmunks, and he is becoming fluent in Pterodactyl and Sleastak.

It was in here yesterday

It looks like one of them Devil Dogs, Mom

I don't care what it is, I must have it

My thinking place

And my happy place, too

Just listed: Well-appointed exer-saucer with plenty of room for the kids,

solarium w/deck & skylights!

Oh, my gosh! He really is adorable. Big hugs to Maxxy!
you are so lucky~i have baby envy.
luckily, it stops there!
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