January 14, 2008


The Monthly Max

This month: The Great White North

Somebody loves me - it's Auntie Julie !

There are two doggies here, too !

We LOVE doggies!

Break a little sweat at the gym...

...and then a nice sink bath.

My first outdoor sports thrill

And the agony of the faceplant.

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As usual..you have made my morning. Tell Jen she is looking good.
what a joyful boy. great wintery photos.
Have I ever told you what a lucky bastard you are? ;)
Friggin' eh, the field of contenders for World's Cutest Baby just got bigger (I'm trying to be sensitive to all the other cute babies who just lost, BTW)
Oh my word! There's that baby! I love those cheeks!

What is it about kids that make me stupid?
That photo of Max looking at the dogs through the door is a prize-winner.

He's such a darling boy ... looks a lot like his mom,doesn't he?
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