January 26, 2008


Well, that's about that

Dennis Kucinich officially dropped out of the presidential race today. While that death knell reverberates through my dark and cynical heart I can still muster up enough cheer to say, "Good fight, mate. Don't let the bastards keep you down."

The news pieces on DK's decision ranged from snide hackery to a somewhat respectful story by the AP's Joe Milicia.

As I've said before, I never was so pie-eyed about the congressman to believe he was going to be elected president, but as the candidate who matched my views ONE HUNDRED PERCENT how could I not support him? I had hopes of him gaining enough delegates to get a plum spot at the convention podium (would the cameras be on, even?), but things conspired heavily against that, such as the corporate debate stonewalling, the death of his youngest brother and vultures circling over his seat in Congress.

I know we have not heard the last from this man, in fact I think he's got bigger fish to fry than being president. A man of such conviction and character, who has the guts to make unpopular and politically costly stands when he knows he's right (most notably his tenure as Cleveland's mayor), cannot be kept down.

I don't know where this puts my vote right now. I assume DK is on the Georgia ballot and if so I'll mark him since I kinda paid for that honor already. I know that I declared just a few posts back that I'm done with the Democratic Party and won't vote for their nominee, but it's a long road to November and there's no telling how the Republicans are going to turd blossom between now and then. I can say that thanks to the inimitable Kelso preaching hard from his jungle outpost, I will certainly not cast a vote for B.O. I don't think H.R.C. would be a bad president but I feel that her presence in the White House would bring so much derision that she'd have a hard time accomplishing the things that make a good president. Edwards has gone all populist, mostly as a campaign strategy (though he does have the rural my-daddy-worked-in-a-factory cred), plus DK expressed reservations about the former senator's hedge fund ties. And right now I'm pretty cheesed with all of them for not saying a damn thing about Dennis' exclusion from the debates (why I'd expect otherwise I'm not sure).

Anyway, best of the best wishes to you, sir, especially getting back to Congress. Hundreds of thousands of Americans look forward to hearing from you again soon.

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so disheartening. although none of them have my solid support, i'd prefer b.o. to h.r.c. but really, it's all the same, right?

no matter what, it won't be the drunk-with-power chimp.
Well, I confess to being totally ignorant of his particular platform.

His wife is smokin' hot, though! Good luck to the ol' chap. I promise to pay more attention next time around...
That's a shame... I'll take the banner off my blog now... and I think I'll have trouble thinking of anyone (who's actually running) worthy of taking Dennis's place.
I'll take the banner off my blog now...

I'll update mine, thanks!
Well, my guy (Edwards) has also officially "sucked the pipe" as well. Let's hope Barrack gets the nomination...

P.S. Why am I not a possible PO-Jama person?
Just what exactly IS a PO-Jama person?
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