February 03, 2008


Blast from the past

Aren't old photographs fun? As long as no one gets hurt, anyway, which isn't necessarily the case in coming upon this one and having it seem to be from another lifetime.

Depending on your definition of lifetime, I suppose it could be.

Now, a quiz!

This photo was taken in

A) 1984
B) 1979
C) 1989
D) 1994

The body of water in this photo is

A) Gulf of Mexico
B) Lake Michigan
C) Red Sea
D) Pacific Ocean


I was initially thinking 1989 and Pacific, but that clean chin is swaying me to 1984 and Lake Michigan.
I'm thinking C and B. The first because you look about 20 there, and I figure you're 40 now, so voila. And I know you've been in Chicago, but dunno 'bout the other ones, so I'm going with Lake Mich.
the great thing, o'tim-is that there is always an older person to make you feel better. today, that'd be me. in other words...just wait, it gets "better"

i am guessing 1984 as well. as for the location-i will guess the gulf of mexico.
Is that Val Kilmer?
I think it's Keifer Sutherland actually.
Young Nick Nolte.
Reading Miz UV's comment made me realize I should have clarified that I have performed the sun god ritual in all of the places listed. But no matter, Joe was swayed to the correct answer.

I'm surprised none of you smartypantseses put up the Schwarznegger comparison (FACE, not body, FFS).
Hey, I've been sick all week-end and am just now seeing it. Now you have screwed up my whole Arnold comment!
Yay! I got it right! 1984, Lake Michigan. I thought I recognized that wall you're lying on.
If I had got here in time, I would have said the Lake and 1989 so I was half right.

I think I know that wall. Belmont area?
It was taken near the NU lagoon in Evanston, one of several areas that the North Shore is a-jumble with boulders and concrete.
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