February 10, 2008


Flights of fancy

For the first time in the 20-plus years since I lived on the west coast, I tried my hand at disc golf. M and S had been after me for a while to accompany them to a decent course at Cloudland Canyon State Park up on Lookout Mountain, and today was a February day in Georgia not to be spent dithering indoors. Like me, M and S are natives of the Great White North, and we had a chuckle when S announced that the predicted high temperature for Minneapolis today was minus nine. Nope, t-shirt and a fleece pullover, even though a bit breezy, was enough to keep us comfy down h'yar.

Here's M showing off his most awesome tee shot of the day - a tough dogleg left between trees that he could only have sailed more perfect if he had put it in the basket in one. M is quite the player, not having been out in months he scored near par for the 18-hole round with a couple of birdies. That is one under par for you golf nomenclaturally-challenged. He prolly would've done better if S had not flashed him on one shot, totally rocking his concentration. I attempted to counter the effect of wifely titties by also flashing him, but it seemed not to improve things - my beer belly obviously detracts from my lovely breasts.

S is no slouch on the disc links herself. What she lacks in power she makes up for with these cool 'S' shaped throws (maybe she should get a cape and some tights) that wind up deadly straight down the fairway. As a southpaw she often has the advantage around obstacles or from certain directions of wind.

I had a slightly worse than mediocre round, garnering a few pars but more than a few double and triple bogeys. This was my best shot of the day - a long approach around some trees that quite luckily skittered up close to the pole.

For decades the game has been played with specialized discs, appropriately weighted and shaped for various shot conditions like teeing off, mid-range and even putting. The geekier enthusiasts can be seen lugging a sport bag with eight or nine different discs tucked within, perhaps not unlike the regular sport of golf. As long as motorized carts and cigar-chomping white Republicans don't begin dominating the links I guess I'll be okay. I recall playing as a teen with just regular Frisbees, something I'm a bit more adept at tossing. The regulation discs are much smaller and stouter, and I have as yet to acquire the consistency needed to crush M like a femur beneath a city bus.

Oh, but the day will come, laddie!

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I have never heard of such a thing. I am going to google it now. It sounds fun. Kiss the maxter for me.
Sorry I couldn't join yous guys. Next time I shall. We need to just plan a weekend camping trip up there when the weather is warmer. I think we know someone with a camper that Jen and Max could sleep in.. hey, we knows 2 someones!
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