March 12, 2008


The Monthly Max

March Movie Madness Maxie Milestone Edition:

And of course the requisite stills:

Where's the flood, buddy?

I wonder where he got those dimples...

Lemme at 'em!

Happy Happy Joy Joy


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That is the most precious creature ever! I forgot to tell ya'll about the first time Z walked. Teeheehee.

Sorry I didn't get to see him last night! Seeing this pics makes me wish we'd be just a few minutes earlier.
He is the sweetest baby ever. And look at him walking, he is getting so big. Smooches.
OMG, I want a grandbaby!

Who said that???

Dang, that kid is cute. Give him a big ole squashy hug for me, wouldja?
I can only think of the trouble Max and Sam could get in together. Maybe they'll make a movie together someday.
Hey sugah. A, I have gmail now and I don't know if I have your email address. B, I don't know my yahoo thingie. I asked Trav to look to see how I show up on his cause I forgot already. I think it is Dawnia13
Congrats on your award for you excellent writing skills. I sent you an email to Otim, but I didn't know if you still check it or not since I never see you online anymore.
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