April 01, 2008


April Fool's: multiple choice

One of the following is no joke:

A. I have been selected for jury duty on a murder trial in which we must be sequestered, possibly for up to six weeks.

B. One week after being notified of my two awards in journalism, the company announced it is eliminating my part-time position.

C. On an educated hunch, our exterminator checked some of the joists beneath our house and found termite activity that will likely cost more than $12,000 to repair.

D. My college girlfriend did not have an abortion but instead gave up our love child for adoption. I found this out when my 22-year-old daughter called me yesterday.

E. After tests and x-rays my doctor informed me that a congenital defect will cause me to need both my hips replaced within a year. Estimated cost: $60,000.

You may ask why all the potential bummers. Well, I didn't think it would be fair to inject some possible sunshine and get your hopes up. Anyway, here is a clue: the truth is not as bad as it may seem.


The truth is "B"

Two awards + one pink slip = door of opportunity opening.
I'm sorry to hear that, and I was going to guess D anyway, thinking that now that she was 22, you didn't owe a cent. Good luck on the job hunt, and is there any way to link to the award winning articles, I would love to read them?
D would be good news in its way, not bad, so it wasn't that. Sorry it's B -- that sucks. Could have been B, C and E all at once, though. That happens.

A would be real weird.
Cody - I sent you a Gmail

Don - sequestration would be more weird than a job loss/termites/painful physical therapy combo?
Arse: sorry to hear about that, mate. Fingers crossed for you.
I'm sure that, with the awards, you'll have an easier time with your layoff than I have had. Good luck.
I'm sorry. Matt and I were thinking that it made no sense to get rid of the part time position that was winning awards.
Ouch.... Good news is more time with Max. But the hip thing? What the hell? We must get together soon so you can bitch and moan and I can get outraged with you.

Love you guys...
I was rooting for A, just cuz of the potential blogposts that could have resulted.
Dang! I'm sorry to hear that. But honestly, I didn't read it clearly and I thought that only one was a lie at first and I was reading the list thinking what a week!

Oh, and congrats and the awards!
Thanks to all for your thoughts.

Dawnia - if I end up having to get a "punch-the-clock" part-time job, it will mean less time with Max.

Jefe - It's actually one of my ideas for a novella.

DCup - Yikes! If what you thought was true this would prolly have been my last blog post - "Goodbye cruel world!" ;)
I was mentally guessing "A." I was really impressed by the number of believable horrible things you came up with, though.
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