April 11, 2008


The Monthly Max



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Outstanding, enjoy every moment
that boy has true charm... and such beautiful eyes. the fact that my son turned 26 yesterday reminds me how fast it flies by.
Oh, man, they get big quick, don't they?
As usual he is just the cutest baby boy ever.
Very sweet!
Dude, you have got to get that kid under control before he causes massive civil disruption ... I don't know how anyone could see him in person without passing out from delightfulness overload. Do you realize how irresponsible you're being? You could be causing major traffic accidents, construction equipment malfunction, and general rioting by taking the boy out in public.

Protect the world. Get him a disguise. I'm not sure you're fully cognizant of the grave consequences of having fathered the world's most adorable child.
Camo jammies rock ;)
I'm sure I've mentioned I'm in love with that critter, right? Tammy already has him married off... you'll never believe to who.
He's getting so big! What a cutie!
You better eat your wheaties, OT! That kid'll be able to take you by next year!
I wouldn't worry too much, David. He could start looking more like Tim any day now.....

lovely but wait 'til he's a teenager...

*evil cackle*
So where's the monthly Max for May, mmmmm??
Jody - I announced a while back that MM was going to post on or around the 11th of each month since that is his birth date in Feb.

Appropriately for May that will be Mother's Day. Awwwww....
Oh my, so it'll be the Monthly Max for May on Mother’s Day? Magnificent!
That first pic of my sweetie pop reminds me of a cartoon drawing of Calvin (of "& Hobbes") flying off his sled. :) Cute!

And just think, only two more days until May 11! yay!
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