May 25, 2008


The Monthly Max (very belated Mother's Day issue)

The amazing Monkey Boy!

Your tough guy look won't wash, son.

Yes, I'll put them back!

Pool season at last!


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I love him SO much.

I love y'all SO much.

It was great seeing y'all yesterday. I've missed you all bunches.

Teach Max to say "Rachel" for cryin' out loud!
Why does he need to say Rachel? He has Dawnia down pat. Ha ha ha ha.

Watch the coconut say Rachel before it says momma.... Karma ya know.

Love the pics! And the pointy bath hair.

And what is that pink thing sticking up behind Max's head? tee hee hee.

You need to put a little video up of him walking Lucy. That was so funny.

And I loves ya'll too.
As usual he is the sweetest thing. I loved seeing him last week.
Love the pool pic! Max is so adorable.
Yeah, Max! I love the Alfalfa 'do. Or is that an Ed Grimley?

I love the bath look. In our house we called that "Chicken head."
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