June 09, 2008


Try, try again

The gentleman from Ohio rises to the occasion and he has it right - "The House is not in order."

That Rep. Kucinich intended his opening proclamation to be so metaphoric of our nation's current condition is debatable, but it is highly relevant to the 35 articles of impeachment he presented against George Bush this evening (Raw Story has an article, C-Span video and partial transcript HERE).

UPDATE: A pdf version of the entire 65-page document is HERE

WTG, DK! Bush smugly says history will be his judge, and this will be one of the main reference points for the historians. It is in fact an excellent capsule. Thirty-five articles: torture, fraud, rendition, war crimes, obstruction, the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and international law. He’s throwing every book he can find and I say BULLY!

What are the chances that this gains traction? Perhaps very slight, but I don’t think Dennis has any illusions about what he’s doing. Perhaps I gush a bit, but I'd like to think his contemporary 35-part summary is being posted for posterity as forceful as Luther's 95 theses were attached to the Wittenburg gate. Maybe he could tack them to Nancy Pelosi's forehead.

Now some (maybe most) Democrats are saying the primary objective is to elect Obama president, and I don't dismiss that sentiment out of hand. By pursuing impeachment now the Democrats will at least help fill the insatiable news void and show that they are actually doing something, that being to stand up for the rights of law. Think about it - Congress goes after the criminals and Obama goes after the heir apparent to the familia. It could also put the entire GOP on their heels trying to save their own ass and not allowing them to sharply focus on going after Obama. And what could better bring along B.O.'s call for change than to pursue not only throwing the bums out but convicting them and incarcerating them as well? Hell, it should be part and parcel of every Democrat's House and Senate campaign this fall, and for what it's worth would be a huge bandage (with antibiotic ointment) on the sore they've left me with in the past year and a half.

I exhort you to call The Madam Speaker at (202) 225-0100 to let her know you want impeachment back on the table. She just might take to it now that the wife of the last impeached president is not going to be her party's nominee this year.

Hit it, Neil!

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i am so proud of dennis...the little guy with the biggest set. i will give nancy a jingle after work today.
About time this was mentioned, i have said before that to pursure Clinton over his adventures and not chase after Bush for what is a million times worse, is wrong.
I agree that we should have impeached Bush, but now it won't matter because he'll be gone anyway.
Lucy is right, but it just goes to show that the republicans have all the power. Once somebody told me that the most important thing for being the president is knowing how to take orders. Clinton didn't do what they wanted him to do so they went after him relentlessly during his entire presidency. Bush is not being touvhed because the congress and senate only have as much power as the corporations allow. We have the best government that money can buy.
I agree with everything I've read here!... with the possible exception of Tim saying it doesn't matter because he'll be gone soon. Impeachment is a legal process which needs to transcend any particular term of office, primarily to reset the boundaries of executive power which have so clearly been breached by this administration. As John Nichols of 'The Nation' argued: "if Bush and Cheney are not held accountable, this administration will hand off to its successors a toolbox of powers greater than any executive has ever held -- more authority, concentrated in fewer hands, than the Founders could have conceived or would have allowed."
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