July 12, 2008


The Monthly Max

Huzzah! This month's plethora of photos include some kindly contributions (thanks to Auntie Rachel and Uncle Terry). We've been busy:

Playing precariously with Auntie Dawnia

Being Nature Boy

Being not so sure about this guy in the dumb hat

Walking doggies (pronounced dee-jee)

Being walked by doggies

Loving doggies

Rasslin' with cousins

(hopefully not disfiguring them)


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He's all boy!

When you need a break, send him down so The Actor can have a pretend little brother. It would get me off the hook.
Enjoy evry second! I'm sending my baby to college in 6 weeks...
GoodNESS ;)
That last photo is hilarious ... it looks as though the cousin is turning into one of the unfortunate victims from The Ring.
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