August 25, 2008


My Back Pages

The erudite D-Cup (of Politits fame and surely someday fortune) has posted photos of the various pockets of literature stacked about her abode, and encouraged her blog pals to do likewise.

Here is O'Tim's Abridged Office Version (turned aside for quick reference):

The professional section, including the AP Stylebook, which I swear is compiled by a roundtable of crusty, cob-webbed codgers who get their jollies from implementing arbitrary rules of composition on tenderfooted reporters. I need an upgrade on the Writer's Handbook, and may splurge on the audiobook version of Strunk & White's Elements of Style, as read by John Houseman.

The politics and religion section, together but duly separated.

The National Geographic coffee table section (sans coffee table)

The leisure section, which includes a smidgen of published work by yours truly.

Lastly but not leastly the topo atlas, chord & tablature, kick-ass cartoon, manly catalog, humorous best-selling political satire, favorite authors, self-help and miscellaneous section (I never did finish that one below Marley & Me)

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Oh, now this is a project I could get into. Of course, I didn't finish the one below Marley and ... say, wanna go ride bikes?
Goodness...Strunk & White. Still reach for mine just about daily.
interesting...i was given the tao of pooh ages ago from my father's best pal. still have my 1990 and 2002 writers handbooks, throwback that i am. fun idea.
I should have mentioned in the post that y'all are invited to go for it.

Dawnia (aka bookstore manager)- you'd better do an abridged version, because I don't think there's enough Internets for photos of your library!
I feel that a quote from Ghostbusters is appropriate: "No human would stack books like that..."
Awesome! Seriously - I love those stacks. And this is the perfect project for Dawnia! We still need to get up to that bookstore sometime.

I'm glad you did this one.
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