August 18, 2008


Takin' names

Msr. Kelso, stalwart expat gadfly of The Daily Pitchfork, has bestowed upon me the honor of Kick-Ass Blogger. Incredulous as I was at first (thinking perhaps he misspelled "kiss"), I've come to at least acknowledge that I am kick-ass and I am a blogger.

The continuing assignment, which I have chosen to accept, is to:

1) Pay it forward with bestowment of a KAB award to five worthy bloggers
2) Let them know that they have received an award.
3) Link back to both the person who awarded you and also to MammaDawg.
4) Visit the Kick Ass Blogger Club HQ to sign Mr. Linky and leave a comment.

In no particular order as far as you know:

ONE - 1 2 3 I Love You "Derek" is supposedly a Canadian refugee teaching English in Japan. He takes his ostensibly frustrating, dry and boring life and turns it into hilarious blog magic. He could be making all or most of this shit up, but what does that matter in the face of side-splitting laughter?

TWO - Dawnia's blog Yep, that's the title, but don't let it fool you into thinking this woman is just as plain and simple. She types like Kerouac on a space shuttle re-entry, and nary a thought escapes the brain-keyboard link when she really gets going. This is the epitome of "personal web log," for D just spills it out for all to see. Her secret is that she's not writing for anyone else, and I am in awe (and a tad jealous) of her fearlessness.

THREE - LawyerWorldLand Archer, who takes way too much vacation time, will probably grimace at this recognition, but by gum I gotta say his political and social satire is nonpareil. Very high guffaw factor from this prince among scumbag NYC schuysters.

FOUR - Fabulously Jinxed One key phrase for this girlfriend's blog is "Don't get me started!" But of course starting Jinxy up is where the fun, and some coherent political discourse, is. She is big on blog techno, so all you nerds can take advantage of her bloggy wares (P.S. - don't mention PUMAs).

FIVE - Light Motifs aka "Ultraviolet's Cupcakes, Cats, Shooz, Miscellaneous Obsessions, and Assorted Multislackery" blog. Miz UV is queen of the coffee klatch, and the convo is generally breezy and always deliciously varied. One of my life's goals is to lunch with her at one of her SoCal deli/sushi and/or cupcake haunts, and one of her life's goals is to provide me with a signed first edition of her great novel (title TBD).

Keep up the great work, people! Now come forward and accept your award:


Damn, I must have been 6th
Aww, thanks! But my boot is a sexsay snakeskin with 4" heels, okay?
Yay! Now I have to post about something other than those, nevermind. :)

I'm honored to be among the selected. Also, I'll take the boot as-is. I can't do the heel thing without falling flat on my ass.
Thanks Mr. I'd give you the boot back but I see I have to do links and stuff? Have I mentioned I'm technologically challenged? So boot back at ya babe. And since I only read 5 blogs, (You, Rach, Jen, Tam and Trav) then I give em all a boot.
Sorry to spoil the party, but when are people going to realise these scams are nothing but linkbait to game someone else's PageRank, in this case mamadawg. Everytime someone gives out awards, it's five more links back to that site. And so on in geometric progression. Those of you taking part get one link back, while mammadawg gets 5x5x5x5 and so on for as long as it lasts.

If you want to salute your favourite bloggers, do it by reading their blogs and leaving comments, and by linking right to them. No need for "awards" that do nothing but push up some stranger's ad revenue.
Be sweet, Grapes. What's wrong with a little blogospheric capitalism and good karma/linky lurve? BTW, you were number 6 (sorry, Cody Bones).
Ah, Grapesy, you told me this last time (when I got that thinking blogger thingamajig). The only links without the pagerank killing "nofollow" will be to my buds. ;P


I still haven't done it because, well, I was busy. Working on it now.
Whoohoo! Congrats and welcome to the club! You already singed Mr Linky so you're all set. :)
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